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Tente lodge rental in dordogne

Opt for the authentic side of nature with the Tente Lodge, an accommodation that will reveal to you what camping is really about. With a Tente Lodge, you don’t need to bring your tent to the campsite. But you’ll still enjoy the conviviality of washing dishes with other campers.

A tente lodge, total comfort in a tent!

• A spacious, comfortable tent
• Covered terrace with garden furniture
• Two bedrooms; sleeps five
• Refrigerator, microwave, stove
• Accommodation without sanitary facilities or running water (located near sanitary facilities)

The tente lodge: all the advantages of a campsite with none of the drawbacks

If you love to camp but also prefer a bit of comfort, the Tente Lodge is for you. No more assembling and disassembling a tent: just drop off your suitcases and you’re done!!
Tente Lodges are a favourite among kids. What could be more fun than to brush your teeth with other campers? At our campsite, the Tente Lodges are located near the sanitary facilities to make it easier.

If you aren’t quite ready to go for a Tente Lodge because you’re afraid it might not be comfortable enough, we recommend a Coco Sweet, a combination of a tent and a mobile home. If neither the Tente Lodge nor the Coco Sweet corresponds with your needs, you’ll find other accommodations on the rental page.


Ideal for an authentic camping experience in the best conditions, the lodge clothed also seduces by its vast terrace.
Entirely erected on a platform with wooden floor, the tent has a warm and pleasantly insulated floor indoors, but also a large surface outdoors.
Open to nature, the lodge has a large terrace area in front, and a cursive wood that is completely around the accommodation.
You enjoy on your terrace a large and comfortable surface to enjoy the outdoors at the table.
The advanced roof protects you from the sun, but also drops in case of rain. The lodge terrace can accommodate children’s games such as your daily meal or an outdoor siesta: for a 100% relaxing holiday!

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