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The Mill of Duellas

Do you want to go for a walk in Dordogne along the river in complete peace of mind? The gabare of the Moulin du Duellas in Saint-Martial-d’Artenset will enchant you. The moulin hosts exhibitions open to the public and invites you to visit its biodiversity garden throughout the season.

duellas gabare

Walking in the Dordogne on the river

Embark in gabare on the river “Isle”, west of the Dordogne, for a commented cruise of more than one hour. Let yourself be carried away into the past of the gabariers by the story of your guide. Admire the wild fauna and flora throughout the peaceful travel. Finally, marvel like children at the passage of the only manual lock still in operation in Périgord. It is your guide who performs this physical manoeuvre.

To get to the Duellas mill, you have two options. It takes less than 10 minutes by car to Périgueux. Or enjoy the bike road that serves the mill by a footbridge over the Isle. The green lane road bike is built over 100 km between Périgueux and Gironde.

Moulin du Duellas

Le Moulin du Duellas in Périgord

The Duellas mill between Périgueux and Bordeaux is an old water mill that has operated for several uses. At first it was to grind the flour. Then it was used to cut the wood. Finally, its last function was the production of electricity thanks to hydraulic power.

Since the end of the 1990s, la as in Saint-Martial-d’Artenset has decided to continue to support its heritage. The moulin has become a tourist and cultural site that hosts several exhibitions of artists throughout the season.  So when you visit us, do not hesitate to enter the building to admire their work.

jardin biodiversité

Biodiversity garden

Leaving the museum or the gabare, you can take a break at the mill restaurant to eat or refresh yourself. Then you continue to the garden pedagogical and ecological biodiversity. The “Paysages” association organizes many aminations for children.

The visit is free, the platelets arranged in the flower beds indicate the different plants aromatic and medicinal present. Vegetables are also present in this garden. The fauna is of course preserved and nests in insect shelters.

To have all the information about the opening days and hours or to book your cruise, the site of the Duellas mill is waiting for you, click below


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